Holy Orders

Jesus told His Disciples, "I came to serve, not to be served." A vocation is a call to serve. It is a profession, an urge, a predisposition to undertake a certain kind of work. It is a choice for which you are particularly suited.

The central question always is, "How best can I serve my God and others?" If you feel a calling to the married life, there are many Church ministries from which to choose. Many are in need of your service, as a deacon, a Eucharistic minister, a visitor to the sick and aged, or an usher. Whatever you choose, do something that serves others. When you do this, you are serving God.

If you feel a calling to priesthood or religious life, ask questions and talk to priests or religious. They know that surviving isn't enough. They can help you come to know your vocation or career, or even your own true self. Above all, start with prayer. Whatever your vocation, if you are good at what you do, it is a gift from God. Only through prayer will you be able to recognize what vocation gift He wants to give to you. (Serra for priestly and religious vocations)

Please pray for all those who are being called to the priesthood and consecrated life. May they be inspired by Jesus Christ and respond generously to God's gift of a vocation. Find out more at www.diocesetucson.org/vocationsoffice.