Lost and Found

03-27-2022Weekly Reflection© J. S. Paluch Company

The parable of the father and his sons is one of the most familiar of all of Jesus’ stories. The father in the parable is lavish in forgiveness and revels in the return of his young son, who was lost and now is found. The older son is also lost, lost in his refusal to forgive, lost in his failure to grasp his father’s generous spirit. The Israelites spent many years lost in the desert, seeking the land of milk and honey, yet often failing to seek the God who delivered and fed them. We are sometimes lost as well. We lose sight of the Lord and the Lord’s ways. God never loses sight of us, however. God waits, ready for us to come to our senses, ready to welcome us back with open arms.

Holy Ground

03-20-2022Weekly Reflection© J. S. Paluch Company

Moses met God in a most astounding way in the bush that was burning but not consumed by fire. Moses clearly had a powerful encounter with the Lord. He even felt bold enough to ask God’s name, something unheard of among his people at the time—God’s name was unspeakable. Moses stood on holy ground. Do we not also stand on holy ground? As people who are created in God’s image and drawn to Christ through the waters of Baptism, we have been filled with God’s grace and goodness. The ground of our lives is holy. Lent is a time when we are called to open our minds and hearts to Christ, rely on God’s patient mercy, and to grow as God’s holy people.

A Glimpse of God

03-13-2022Weekly Reflection© J. S. Paluch Company

Have you ever had a glimpse of God? Perhaps you perceived God’s presence in a quiet moment of prayer, a tender conversation with a loved one, or a difficult situation that was resolved unexpectedly.


In The Desert

03-06-2022Weekly Reflection© J. S. Paluch Company

Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert for forty days, and then the devil tested him. Moses and the Israelites had been in the desert for forty years before being led to the land of milk and honey. There were times when they called out to God, sure that, as Saint Paul wrote to the Romans, “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”