St. Joseph’s Table

5:00pm Parish Activities

The people prayed to St. Joseph to give them a good harvest and promised to share the bounty with everyone. They had a good harvest that year and made food from what the fields produced and invited everyone into their home to share. Therefore a meatless meal was shared by all. St. Joseph’s Table is celebrated to honor and give thanks to St. Joseph for that wonderful harvest.

Mass is at 5:00pm followed by the potluck dinner.

Families whose last name starts with:

  • A-J—Bring salads, breads or fruit
  • K-R—Bring desserts (cake, cookies, etc.)
  • S-Z—Bring meatless main dish

Bring enough to serve 15-20 people.

For further information, contact the office for Liz Zumhof’s phone number.