Feast of Faith: The Prayer Over the Offerings

07-18-2021Weekly Reflection© J. S. Paluch Company

In the liturgy of the 1570 Missal, this prayer was called the “secret” prayer. It was “secret” not because its content was mysterious, but because it was prayed in silence by the priest, who only recited the conclusion aloud: ...per omnia saecula saeculorum. With the reforms of the Second Vatican Council, we again hear these rich prayers spoken aloud. They remind us to prepare ourselves for what is to happen in the Eucharistic Prayer, for it is not only the bread and wine that will be transformed.

The Prayer Over the Offerings is a prayer for transformation, an expression, in a few words, of all that we hope that the liturgy will accomplish in our lives. We ask God to accept the gifts we present, and to change us even as God hallows the bread and wine. As we listen carefully to the Prayer Over the Offerings, we are reminded of what it is that we seek in the Eucharist: to be made holy; to be drawn closer to God; to come to eternal joy, unity, peace, and salvation.