Welcome Back to St. George's Weekend Masses Starting May 30 & 31

05-19-2020Pastor's LetterRev. Msgr. Domenico C. Pinti

We welcome our parishioners back beginning Pentecost Weekend (May 30-31). It is a gift to receive the sacraments.

Through the Diocesan Guidelines, the Center for Disease Control, for public safety, the common good and with a delicate balance, St. George will be observing the following guidelines. Please note that guidelines can be changed at any time to ensure reasonable safety of our parishioners, ministers and priests.

  • Sunday Mass obligation is suspended indefinitely for all persons living in or visiting in the Tucson Diocese.
  • Vulnerable parishioners (age 65+ or with a chronic health condition) are strongly urged to remain at home. Likewise those feeling ill in any way are advised in the strongest sense to remain home and view the Mass online and receive Spiritual Communion.
  • Please be aware that there is an inherent risk, regardless of age or health in attending any public event, including religious service. While we strive to reduce risks, a parishioner's presence at Mass constitutes their understanding and acceptance of this essential level of risk.
  • The use of masks by parishioners is highly encouraged. This is a sign of our desire to do our part in helping to prevent others from potential contagion. In the words of Bishop Weisenburger, "The use of a mask is an especially strong sign of your support for your priests and ministers."
  • Both the church and the hall will be utilized for Mass. Please be respectful of closed areas.
  • There will be no collections taken in the pew. There will be an usher present at the beginning and end of Mass with a collection basket. Please drop your donation into the basket without touching the basket.
  • We will refrain from the use of Holy Water, Missalettes and hymnals. Readings will be presented on the screens in church. At this time there will be no singing during Mass.
  • During the Our Father, there will be no holding of hands, and the Sign of Peace should be shared without human touch, such as a small bow or wave.
  • Holy Communion will be distributed ONLY in the hand after the final blessing by ministers behind a plastic protective shield, at exits indicated. There will be no distribution of the Chalice. We will be following social distancing guidelines while in line and existing directly to your vehicles.
    Masks will be required for all Eucharist Ministers and sanitizing of hands before, during and after Communion.
  • Restrooms in the courtyard will not be open at this time. We ask that you use the restrooms in the Church building.
  • Frequently touched surfaces and areas will be cleaned between all Masses.

Mass Schedule is as follows:
Saturday, 4:00pm
Sunday 6:30am, 8:15am, 10:00am
* No 6:00pm Mass until September.)

Confessions will be done on Saturday from 2:30-3:30pm in the south parking lot.

The Church will be closed Monday through Friday to allow any potential contagion left behind on surfaces to die.

Most Rev. Edward J. Weisenberger, Fr. Stan, the staff and myself thank everyone for their patience, prayers, and cooperation during this most unusual time.

God Bless,
Reverend Monsignor Domenico C. Pinti