Post-Summer Challenges

09-08-2019Weekly Reflection

With any luck, summer delights will continue a while past last weekend’s Labor Day: refreshing recreation (with maybe an occasional swim) or enjoyable relaxation on the deck (with tasty outdoor grilling). Truth is, for some of us, this year’s Labor Day came way too early. With many schools back in session for a while already, mealtimes and driving schedules needed readjustment to coordinate youth sports with adult commitments. Some religious education and parish programs resumed, too. No surprise, then, that this weekend’s scriptures sound a little like post-summer challenges. For instance, Wisdom reminds us that believers in God can never be content with “timid deliberations” and “unsure plans.” Paul challenges longtime friend and follower Philemon to “let the good you do be voluntary.” Jesus instructs “great crowds” traveling with him—including us—on three things necessary for all true disciples to accomplish. On this early autumn weekend, our scriptures describe disciples’ lifelong labors.