The Inside Shows

03-03-2019Weekly Reflection

In this third Sunday of our reading from the Sermon on the Plain, Jesus speaks of the inner soul and its outer expression. He uses images as he teaches.He addresses all of us.

Jesus sees a plumb line connecting the soul with the soul's expression-words and actions. He uses exaggeration to drive home his point. We are urgedto clear out the debris that blinds us. He knows that we have an uncanny ability to be blind to our own weaknesses, though they be as big as a board. Heknows, too, how willingly we seem to ferret out others' smallest speck-like flaws.

And this, too, is for our general consumption; solid old goodness and solid old badness will show eventually. The old Latin saying, which echoes Jesus’ images, is true: “What is bred in the bone will out in the flesh.” By and by, the inside will show through.