Finding God

01-06-2019Weekly Reflection

The splendid magi, all sparkle and dash and solemnity, march right up off the pages of Matthew’s Gospel and into our churches today. Matthew alone tells us this grand and seductive story so that we might see the light and know that the child these magi visited is the fulfillment of prophecy, the king of the world that stretches to the magi’s home country and beyond, right down the ages to us.

We too see and understand anew. Like the magi, our patron saints for this day, we see in the newborn child the king of the universe and light of the world. Like the magi, we find in ourselves a new faith and a new life. Like them, we return to our home by a new route.

We are asked to come away from this festive season ourselves renewed and awake to the presence of God among us. We are asked to find God where God is to be found, to be attentive and surprised and ready to bow down in adoration and to offer our gifts.