Communal Responsibility

03-11-2018Weekly Reflection

The people of God forgot the covenant and flouted God’s laws. They did not listen to the prophets among them, who spoke for God in warning them. Prophets are sent from God to remind us why we are here, but they are often, even in our own time, mocked, disregarded, and mistreated rather than thanked and listened to.

The book of Chronicles tells the results of these sins: the destruction of the temple and all of Jerusalem, murder, mayhem, and finally exile to a foreign land. Why are these stories in the Bible? Just to inform us of what happened to our ancient forebears? What good would that be unless there were a message and a warning for us as well? Are we people who follow the teachings of God, who obey the words of Christ in the second covenant in his blood? Or do we continue to wreak works of darkness and violence? We are reminded by these readings that we will be judged as a people, not just as individuals.