Home is Where the Family is

12-30-2018Weekly Reflection

The idea, dream, and reality of family is so strong and durable that we use it to describe all that is best about human gatherings. We speak of the family of nations, of our church and parish families. The greatest compliment we can pay a friend or gracious host is to say that we feel at home with them, we feel part of the family.


Memories and Dreams

12-23-2018Weekly Reflection

Throughout our lives, we retain the language and habits of our native region and family of origin. Should we return to our home after a long absence, we quickly revert to its familiar speech and practices. Our deep memory is reflected in old stories and words and speech patterns. This familiarity runs like an underground river and accompanies us wherever we go.



12-16-2018Weekly Reflection

Today has traditionally been called “Gaudete Sunday.” The Latin tag is derived from Paul’s appeal in the second reading to “rejoice always in theLord,” and the Latin Mass text based on that reading. The irony and paradox of this Christian joy is underlined by the fact that Paul wrote those wordsin prison. But from there he could see the progress of God’s work.


Awaiting the Salvation of God

12-09-2018Weekly Reflection

The world does not seem big enough to contain the jubilation of the first reading. In the Gospel reading, the Roman empire isn’t big enough, either.The great powers of Rome are named and made to stand waiting for the arrival of God’s salvation. And we find Paul meditating joyfully on what reallymatters.



12-02-2018Weekly Reflection

Occasionally, someone raises a surprised complaint that while Christmas arrives on Santa’s sleigh at the Macy’s parade on Thanksgiving Day, the Church doesn’t catch on too fast. They may even say that Advent is a new fangled idea. Not so.