John the Baptist

06-24-2018Weekly Reflection

Since June 24 falls on a Sunday this year, the Church has the opportunity for a more intense celebration of the birth of John the Baptist, who is often described as the last of the Old Testament prophets and the bridge between Judaism and Christianity. More commonly, John is known as the “precursor” of our Lord Jesus Christ. All the Gospels report John’s basic message: Repent, the kingdom is near at hand. One greater than I is coming.


The Master Storyteller

06-17-2018Weekly Reflection

In today’s Gospel, Jesus is presented to us as the master storyteller. He loved to use parables as a tool for comparing one thing to something else. In most of his parables, Jesus revealed who God is by comparing God’s essence or actions with something familiar to his listeners.



06-10-2018Weekly Reflection

Today’s liturgy is full of promises. The reading from Genesis promises a final triumph over the power of sin and a return to a new creation. The reading from Second Corinthians promises that all who follow Christ will have to struggle. It also promises, however, that we can persevere if we but recognize that Christ is within us, renewing us daily, and giving us the courage and the strength we need to endure. The Gospel promises that doing God’s will makes us “family” with Jesus, who forgives all sin and triumphs over evil.


Precious Blood

06-03-2018Weekly Reflection

On this solemnity, we focus our attention on the Body and Blood of Christ. We listen to the story of the renewal of the old covenant, which Moses sealed by splashing the blood of animals on the altar of sacrifice, as well as on the people. Jesus, whose blood is the blood of the new covenant, shed that precious blood on the cross, saving us from sin and promising us everlasting life.